Personalised Word Art Jewellery Box
Personalised Word Art Jewellery Box
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This personalised jewellery box features a colourful word art design, printed onto the ceramic lid which, besides looking beautiful, also features her name and a list of things that she loves in life.

To personalise, simply provide her name and then answer the questions to complete each line, e.g. What's her favourite food? Her favourite drink? Her favourite brand?

Once completed, we'l do the rest and produce her very own personalised word art jewellery box!

Box Dimensions:17cm x 17cm

Available in two colour combinations:

 - White Background with Blue, Green and Purple Words
 - Purple Background with Orange, Green and Pink Words

Personalised Word Art Jewellery Box

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Name (e.g. Katie, Ellie, Laura)15 characters left
Loves or Likes
Eating... (e.g. Dark Chocolate, Jelly Beans, Frozen Yogurt, Cake, Caviar, Toast)16 characters left
Day of the week (e.g. Sunday, Saturday, Tuesday)9 characters left
Activity (e.g. Shopping, Running, Baking)12 characters left
Brand and Product (e.g. Tiffany Bracelets, Nike High Tops, Chanel Perfume)20 characters left
Her (e.g. Mums Roast Potatoes, Funky Wellies, Ben and Jess)20 characters left
Drinking... (e.g. Champagne, Rose, Tomato Juice)14 characters left
Favourite Colour... (e.g. Blue, Green, Pink)10 characters left
Activity (e.g. Smiling, Cuddling, Gossiping)12 characters left
Holidays in... (e.g. the sun, Europe, the snow)10 characters left