Gifts For Him

Buying gifts for men has always arguably been harder than buying gifts for women. As a female customer once wrote to us "I wish I could just buy him flowers!" - it just often isn't as easy when looking for men's gifts.

If you're in need of a little inspiration, the best place to start is to think through all his interests - does he enjoy watching or playing football, or golf? If so, there are all sorts of gift ideas related to sports you can give him, even you personally know very little about the sport!
Perhaps think through the type of music or movies likes and see if that sparks any gift ideas - for example if he plays the guitar you could get him something like a personalised guitar plectrum engraved with a small message. Alternatively, perhaps if he's more of a rocker, something like an engraved leather wrist band may work better.

Sometimes the best gifts are the most obvious. If the man you're shopping for works in an office, there are a range of gifts for the office that will keep him entertained or at the very least looking sharp. Sometimes the perfect men's gift can come in the most unusual of places. Our favourite father's day gift is surprisingly a set of collar stiffeners for him to wear in the collars of his shirt; what differentiates this gift is that we engrave a little message on each collar stiffener so he can always have your secret message with him but without having it on display.

One thing is for sure - few men can resist the lure of a nifty gadget... so if he's constantly talking about the next mobile phone model, or has odd looking gizmos sitting in every corner at home, this could be a good way to go.

And even if everything so far draws a blank, don't forget that there are some great gifts related to drinking, combining both quirky and traditional gifts - everything from upside down beer glasses to personalised bottles of ales, champagnes and whiskeys.

Whatever the occasion, find the best gift ideas for men at Treat Republic. Remember, the Treat Team is always at hand to advise you if you'd like a few suggestions - just drop us a line, and we'd be happy to help!